In-motion weighing is the most time efficient and cost effective method of obtaining railcar weights. This type of system allows a railcar to be weighed as it rolls over the scale and can be accomplished as part of your normal car handling operations. With a properly located scale, this typically results in the ability to obtain railcar weights without any additional time or effort.
SAI is the major U.S. manufacturer of both uncoupled-in-motion (UCIM) and coupled-in-motion (CIM) railcar weighing systems. All Class I railroads have operating SAI systems in place and we have a worldwide list of industrial users in a multitude of applications. Our in-motion systems have proven themselves to be the optimum method of obtaining and processing railcar weights.

An in-motion railcar weighing system consists of three distinct sub-systems including the weighbridge & rail structure, instrumentation, and data handling components.

  • The NP Series weighbridge design accommodates a very economical system installation and has minimal maintenance requirements. The unique low profile design easily adapts to an above grade installation which allows easy inspection and maintenance. In addition to the shop assembled weighbridge and rugged compression load cells, the standard equipment package also includes all rail mounting and attachment components.
  • The Model 7400 Series motion weighing instrumentation has proven itself to be the most accurate and maintenance free equipment available. It's totally automatic and unattended operating capabilities can eliminate operator and data input requirements. Standard options make this equipment the easiest to adapt to your specific application.
  • The combination of the Model 1200 Series Railcar Identification System and PC Data Package provides you with a complete railcar tracking and weight data management system. The inclusion of this equipment can turn your scalehouse or operations location into a railcar data handling and processing center.

An SAI in-motion railcar weighing system can provide you with the tools that you need to streamline your railcar weight acquisition and data handling operations. Send us an e-mail or give us a call. We're ready to assist you in realizing this goal.

Model 7430 Motion Weigher
Model 1250 Railcar ID