SAI can provide the economical solution for your railcar weighing requirements. Our SP Series Static Railcar Weighing Systems include a complete equipment package that can be easily adapted to your application and site conditions. Our engineering and technical support staff will provide you with the equipment and operational functions that meet your exact specifications.

The standard SP Series equipment package includes a pair of NP Series weighbridge assemblies, instrumentation and standard accessories. Most systems are also provided with rail mounting and attachment components. Several site specific options are available to accommodate your particular installation requirements.

The NP Series weighbridge platforms are available in three standard lengths including 12'-6", 20'-0" and 26'-0". The appropriate combination of platforms for your application is a function of the range of car lengths that will be weighed. In addition to the standard platform sizes, special order lengths ranging from 37'-6" to 93'-6" are also available.
Typical SP Series Static Scales

The low profile design of the NP Series weighbridge accommodates either an above grade or shallow pit installation. This design allows the construction of an economical slab type foundation. The minimal foundation depth can be a critical requirement where the water table is a concern or in situations where a deep excavation could undermine existing building footings. The NP Series weighbridge and foundation can be easily modified and adapted to special situations such as vehicle access, car mover equipment, and center dump pits, to name a few.

The standard instrumentation includes our Model 531 digital indicator and either a printer or SAI's WeighMaster PC software. Loaded on your PC computer, WeighMaster will provide a user friendly interface for processing car and weight data. The Model 531 digital indicator can also be provided with a wall mount housing and loading control setpoints.

A complete design and equipment package tailored to your specific application is standard with an SAI weighing system. Drop us a note outlining your requirements. We'll develop an equipment package, which can include a complete turnkey installation, that will provide you with a railcar weighing system that does exactly what you need.