Modem Communication

A dial-up modem, operating at speeds up to 56K baud, is available to send data over standard voice grade phone lines. This package will transmit train consist information to two remote sites. Full system diagnostics are available through the remote phone connection from a standard PC computer. Future software updates are downloadable from SAI and do not require a site visit.

Wheel Detection Options

Optional "Presence" wheel sensors detect stopped train traffic and prevent system time-out and data transfers before the train has cleared the site. Wheel sensors may be added to turnout tracks to determine where cars are spotted. In some applications, two tracks may be monitored with one Model 1210 System.

Environmental Enclosure

A trackside environmental enclosure will add extra protection against the weather for sites without nearby equipment shelters. This enclosure provides shade from the sunlight and protection from bitter cold, along with a convenient location for weather tight electrical outlets for site maintenance.