Developing a consist from the data stored in the RF tags requires tag readers on each side of the track, rail mounted wheel sensors to determine the railcar position, and a Model 1210 data processing system to handle data handling functions such as transmitting the train consist. Two readers are mounted on short posts with a cable connection to the Model 1210 processor. Wheel sensors are bolted to the web of the rail and are also cabled to the Model 1210.

The identification site requires 117 VAC power and a means of transmitting data. In some installations, data will be collected at the ID site. However, most applications will demand transmitting data using a dedicated serial connection, phone modems, radio modems, or cellular modems. The best means of collecting data must be determined based on availability of services and their costs. The use of phone modems allows dial-up communications for system check-out, remote loading of software revisions, and for remote diagnostics support.