To complete the weighing system package, several additional accessories are also available. Typical examples are listed below.

Printers supplied by SAI can include continuous form printers, ticket printers, laser or ink jet printers.

Scoreboards are available with up to six digits (4 or 6 inch heights). SAI scoreboards are mounted in outdoor enclosures, include a sun shade, and an internal light on most units. The scoreboards make use of RS-232, RS-485/422, 20ma current loop (active or passive) interfaces.

The SED Series, LED Remote Electronic Displays can be supplied for applications which require monitoring of the weighing process at a remote location. The SED series Remote Displays are available in 1.5", 4.5", and 7" digit sizes. All sizes are available in bright red or yellow digits.  An RS-232 interface is standard along with RS-485, RS-422, and either active or passive 20ma current loop.