Our standard digital weight indicators and custom instrumentation are designed to produce reliable weights in a cost effective and easy manner. The flexible Model 531 is our standard instrument and is the platform we base our more complex custom instruments on.
The Model 531 Digital Weight Indicator
  1. Economical Full Function Indicator
  2. NTEP COC # 04-086
  3. Seven Digit Display
  4. Panel Mountable Enclosure
  5. RS-232 Communication
  6. Two Digital Inputs
  7. Digital Filtering
  8. Optional Industrial Housing
Special Instrumentation Systems

SAI is experienced at providing instrumentation for applications which need special operator or computer interfaces. The operator interface typically involves only the front panel of the instrument. On a larger more complex system, however, the operator interface may include a terminal interface or personal computer system which utilizes custom software for storing and reporting the data generated by the system.