Load cells are available in a wide variety of types, sizes and capacities. With SAI as your supplier, you can be sure that the load cells we recommend will be the right ones for your application. In addition, we can customize the load cells with special cables and connectors to make your installation job easier.

SAI supplies the following types of load cells:

Compression/Tension Shear Beam/Bending Beam Tank Weighing Assemblies
Proper load cell selection is important, but it is only part of the total solution. The following accessories will complete the weight receiving portion of the weighing system.
Bearing Kits assure proper mounting and application of load to the load cells. Standard kits are available along with custom kits designed to meet specific dimensional requirements.

"D" Rings and Tension Links are used for applications where the weighing vessel is suspended from an overhead support structure. The rings and links assure proper load cell alignment and easy attachment to the support structure and weigh vessel.

Restraint Systems or Check Rods are required for certain load cell types and for specific applications. The check rods maintain horizontal alignment of the weigh platform on the load cells. Standard or custom designed restraint systems are available for all load cell and bearing kit types.

Special Components can include vibration dampening devices, shock kits, heat barriers and electrical isolation.

Summing Boxes can accommodate up to 12 load cells. This housing, which includes a load cell terminal and calibration board, is supplied with NEMA 12 or 4X ratings and can be supplied with quick connects for easy installation.

Control Cables are available in both 4 and 6 conductor shielded versions. Cables can be supplied in precut lengths with quick connects installed. High temperature cable is also available.

"D" Rings & Tension Links
Summing Box