The Model 1210 Railcar Identification System has been designed to read owner and number information from railcar tags at entry and exit points and at critical switching points within rail yards. The system utilizes the electronic tags mounted to each railcar as specified by the American Association of Railroads.

Systems Associates has made this technology available to railroads and industry alike with its Model 1210 Railcar Identification System. RF tag readers, rail mounted wheel sensors, and a track side data processor provide all of the equipment necessary to sense the train, track the sequential vehicle count and apply the ID's to the correct vehicles. A clean "Net List" will provide a record of only those vehicles that cross the site, keeping the job of sorting data within the Model 1210 system. Phone modems, direct serial connections, and cellular links are a few methods of getting the train consist data to your central computer.

The railcar tracking logic can monitor turnouts and wye tracks and report the direction of travel and car set-outs. The Model 1210 Railcar Identification System can handle both reverse movements and train stoppages with no disruption to train consist integrity.