Selecting the appropriate weighing method is a function of your car handling requirements, volume, site layout, etc. There are many variables which determine the best weighing operation that satisfies your requirements and each project needs to be reviewed on an individual basis.

Railcar weighing consists of two distinct methods including static and in-motion. Static weighing requires that the car be moved into position on the scale and the weight is recorded while the car is stationary. In-motion weighing records the weight as the car rolls over the scale at a controlled speed. This includes uncoupled weighing where a single car coasts over the scale, and coupled weighing where an entire train is pulled over the scale and the weight of each car is recorded in sequence. Regardless of the type of system that is best for your application, you can be assured that with the selection of SAI you'll receive state of the art and technologically advanced equipment. Our railcar weighing systems are considered the benchmark that others are measured by.

SAI railcar weighing systems are designed, manufactured and installed per NIST Handbook 44 requirements for commercial weighing purposes and all of our equipment is NTEP approved. SAI weighing systems are also designed to comply with the AAR/AREMA specifications for railway track scales. If you're buying, selling or shipping your product by weight, SAI will provide you with an accurate system that will be accepted by your servicing railroad.

Every railcar weighing application is a little different from the last one. With system components that are the easiest in the industry to customize, we'll provide you with the equipment that meets your demanding application. SAI's sales, design and technical staff are experts in railcar weighing. We know your requirements and we can provide the equipment and processes to satisfy your needs.

Send us an e-mail or give us a call and we'll discuss your application. Our goal is to supply you with the system that does exactly what you need it to do and possibly more.