The System Approach
Accuracy and Reliability- These are the essential attributes of a process weighing system. Although excellent instrumentation and load sensing devices are necessary, these components alone cannot do the complete job. Equally important is an understanding of the system operation, the interaction between the weighing and process control system, and the structural environment of the weight receiving elements.

Our goal at SAI is to provide you with a weighing system that complements and streamlines your process. In addition to supplying and manufacturing the best weighing components available, we will also analyze the individual requirements and constraints of your facility and process. The results of this analysis could range from simple modifications of standard weighing system components to a completely customized weighing system designed to satisfy your specific requirements.

The selection of an SAI weighing system will result in an economical and efficient installation that provides the accuracy and reliability that you demand.

Structural Design and Consulting
Many industrial weighing applications have mechanical and structural considerations which may require special designs. This can include the custom design of the weight receiving elements or modifications of existing equipment to incorporate the new weighing system. This design effort includes a review of the structural supports, to assure proper interfacing between mechanical components and the weight receiving elements, and recommendations on mechanical improvements to enhance the weighing operation.

Complete Weighing Systems
SAI is ideally geared to the design and manufacture of complete weighing systems. Our expert design staff will package a system which is tailored to your specific needs and exacting requirements.

Weighing systems can be simple or complex. SAI can, for example, supply standard components that are “connectorized” for easy installation and operation. On the other hand, SAI can design and supply custom systems that will interface to distributed control systems or PLC controllers.

Our corporate philosophy is to provide weighing systems that are designed and packaged for your specific needs, requirements, and processes at an affordable price. This commitment to the systems approach has resulted in quality weighing products with lasting value and trouble-free operation.